Phone Sex with a MILF: how my young clients are A warm, manly voice greets me as I pick up the phone. He calls himself Rick.
"Hello, Rick. Your voice is chocolate for my ears." I smile.
I sit at the desk, drawers full of dildos of all shapes, sizes, and materials. A few vibrators littered here and there, among others. 20 year old me was told that my libido will decrease as I age. Boy, were they wrong
Here I am, a 42-year-old woman, absolutely dying for some young cock to fill my holes. Young men, they love me. I saunter into some café and eye the hipster college student, walk into a restaurant, and smile at the young man in a suit. I am not some young woman, fretting over flaws nobody sees and doubting myself. I am confident and experienced. And I am very, very horny all around the clock. The mere sight of a young man gets my cougar clit throbbing.
My client tonight is young as well, young enough to be my son.
"Rick, how are you doing tonight? And what do you want me to cum to Rick?" I ask.
"Well, Cathy."
"Oh please, don't hesitate. I am very open to experiments."
"I would love to fuck my girlfriend in the backseat of my car, but she is afraid of being seen."
My young clients are often hesitant; you can't blame them with their inexperience. In fact, I think it's quite cute. All the adorable ums and awkward silence. Oh, and their girlfriends saying no is an oft-heard story.
"Rick, the mere idea is getting me wet. Shall we start?"
"We are returning from the movies. It's late. I am in my pink mini dress, the one you love. It barely covers my huge ass. My tits, bursting through my bra, are hardly contained in the tight dress. My deep cleavage draws stares wherever we go."
"We are in the dark parking lot now. I bend down to get into the car, flashing my thong. You grab my ass from behind, your index finger lightly tracing my pussy lips. "You love to show off that mature ass, don't you?" You ask."
I hear Rick sigh.
"I get out of the car."Take them off", you command, your finger still inside my thong. I oblige, sliding the thong down my smooth, long legs. They gather around my heels. As I bend down to pick it up, you grab my pussy. "No need to pick it up" You say and hold the door open as I crawl inside the car. You get into your seat and start the engine."
I hear a zipper opening on the other side.
"A few minutes down the road, you look at me, almost falling out of my tiny, tight dress, my legs apart, my glistening pussy showing. I smile at you. "Won't you check how wet you got me?" "
"One hand on the wheel, you carefully extend your other arm and insert a couple of fingers inside my dripping pussy, now making a mess on your seat. You chuckle and stop at the side of the road for a while. I eye your bulge. I am so, so hungry for your cock."
"We get into the backseat. I get down on my knees and open your zipper. There's your cock, big, throbbing. A perfect dinner. I circle my tongue around the rim and take it into my desperate mouth."
Rick moans, "Yes baby."
"I wrap my hands around the base, stroking up and down, my tongue swirling and whirling around your manhood. You pull my hair and push yourself in; you are deep in my throat. You pull down the zip on the back of my dress, finally freeing my tits. You tug on my already hard nipples."
I am soaking through my panties. I reach out for the biggest dildo I have in my drawer and wet the tip with my juices. Finally, I lower myself on it. I moan, as my pussy grips onto it. I hear noises on the other side.
"Are you stroking yourself Rick?"
"Yes baby. I want to cum inside you."
"You whip your cock out of my mouth while I get up and hike up my dress. You drag me to the sit and make me lie down on it. "Spread your legs." You order. I spread them wide, wide apart for you. I am drenched for your cock and I need you inside me NOW."
Rick grunts, and so do I, the dildo massaging my insides.
"You get down on your knees and run your tongue along my cunt, I arch my back as I ache with desire. "You are dripping with honey." You smile and tease my pussy with your cock, running it along my lips. "Please, fuck me," I beg. "Fill my holes with your cock, I am starving for it, please fill me." "
"You tease me more, driving me crazy. My thighs are covered with my juices now and I have left stains on the seat. Finally, you pity this slutty cougar with big tits and an even bigger ass and penetrate me. You drive your cock deep, deep inside my filthy pussy. I moan and gasp. You keep thrusting, fist slowly, and then faster and harder. I am screaming your name now and other drivers probably know what's going on. They can hear my lusty screams; they can see two figures inside the car. If they look closer, they will see a young man with his older, dirty slut, treating her the way she likes to be treated."
Rick's breathing gets harder than ever.
"You keep ramming your hard, hard cock inside me. Until that moment arrives, and you empty your balls inside me. Your warm, thick, delicious seed floods my pussy, leaking out a little bit.
I cum as well, squirting all over your pants. And."
But I fail to continue. I came all over my dildo, cum dripping down onto the floor, moaning loudly. Simultaneously I hear Rick grunt loudly and then pant.
"Thanks, Cathy."
The call ended. Oh well, but did I have fun. Poor me, wish I had a chance to get this young man's number. Would love to ride him and show off my cougar skills.
Until my next young client comes along!