As I pick up the phone, a young shaky voice greets me on the other end.
"What's your name handsome?" I ask him in a hush low voice.
"You can call me Martin", he answers, trying to sound confident.
"You sound so strong Martin, do you workout a lot?" I ask him seductively, when you have been in this business for more than two decades, you get to know men pretty well. And my client tonight was one of those twenty year old college students with raging hormones and a mind full of unusual kinks and fetishes.
Young me would have probably been flustered merely listening to these rather unusual kinks and fetishes, but at 46, there is hardly anything I say no to.
The wide array of toys and dildos sitting atop of my dresser and bed came in good use during my MILF phone numbers calls with clients and in times when I needed to please myself. Even at this age, my sex drive hadn't fallen rather it begged for some male cock all the time. And nothing turns me on like men on the prime of their adulthood.
Luckily my client tonight was a 22 year old man too.
"How are you Martin? And what do you want me to do with me today Martin?" I ask him.
"I am doing good today, and how about you Cheryl? Umm my request today maybe a little odd"
"No need to be shy Martin, I am open to anything you want me to do." I say in a hush seductive tone.
"I would like to fuck my friends's mother, but I am afraid it will go wrong."
"This will be fun" I thought to myself, another one of those clients who fantasize about being with women older than them. I don't blame them, rather I find it flattering when these young men come to me with their inexperience.
"That sounds very hot to me Martin, shall we start now?"
"Yes please!" Martin says, his excitement now taking over his shyness.
"You come over to my house in the afternoon, my son is over at work, but you pretend to be unaware of that since you knew this is when you would find me alone. Quiet smart, aren't you Martin?"
I hear my client's breathing getting heavier.
"I open the door wearing a tight sundress, my tits seem to burst out any moment now. I invite you in and walk you to the kitchen. The sundress barely containing my ass. I ask you to sit on the table and then bring over a couple bottles of beer. As I offer you one bottle, I bend down, shoving my tits in your face. You don't think for another second and swiftly grab my boobs. You would love to do that won't you Martin?"
"Oh yes, I would love that", he replies, I hear the sound of a zipper opening.
"You get up and push me towards the kitchen counter, your hands on my ass, your face on my boobs."You love to show yourself off, don't your Cheryl?" you ask. As you pull down my sundress, I put my hands over your erection which is begging to be let out."
"Sit down." "Unbuckle and suck me off." You order as I follow what you do, I take out your big throbbing cock and move my hands up and down it. "You are so thick and juicy Martin!" I say before taking your thick cock in my mouth."
"Oh yes Clara, suck me nice and good." Rick says on the other end.
"I keep sucking you off, moving my tongue around your girth as I play with your balls with one hand. "You taste so good Martin." I keep sucking you off, tasting your precum. I grab one of my dildos and as I push it in me effortlessly thanks to all the lubrication done by my juices, I let out a sharp moan.
"Are you playing with yourself Martin?"
"Oh yes Clara, I want to fuck you so bad right now"
"You take your cock out of my mouth and turn me around, spanking my ass tightly and then rubbing my now dripping wet clit with your fingers, you move your hands up and grab by tits and fondle them as I moan. Then you continue teasing my pussy with your huge cock, running it up and down my lips.
"Oh fuck me already Martin" I moan, begging to be fucked. "Fuck me like your slut and fill me up with your seed."
"As I push myself against your cock, dying to be fucked, you tease me even more, my juices now dripping down my thighs onto the kitchen floor. You finally decide to show your friend's whore of a mom some mercy and push your cock deep inside me. I let out a moan and gasp as you start thrusting, starting slowly and then increasing your pace. I scream your name in pleasure as my boobs bounce up and down, if someone were to look at me now, they would surely think of me as some whore you could fuck behind a dumpster. You fuck me hard, treating me like the slut I am."
As I sigh feeling myself close to climaxing I hear Martin's breathing getting heavier.
"You keep ramming your cock inside me harder and harder, slapping my ass cheeks occasionally, making them a deep shade of red. "I am going to cum Martin." I say, you keep thrusting until you finally hold me tight as you feel yourself cumming, and fill me up with your thick, white, warm semen, I cum too squirting all over your crotch and the kitchen floor. Our juices dripping down my thighs." "Ah Clara!" I hear Martin let out a moan as I cum all over my dildo and bedsheet.
"That was fun Clara, you are really as good as everyone claims you are, thanks for today" Martin says before he hangs up.
I slouch down on my couch and wonder how nice it would have been to have Martin fuck me and teach him a few new things. For now, I wait for my next caller!