If you would see me outside, you would probably take me as a 45 year old milf whose tits seem to be bursting out of her tight top any moment, her ass swaying in rhythmic motions as she walks down the aisle of the supermarket, giving men a hard time controlling their boners as they try to get a glance at my ass. If only they knew that I could please them over the phone, they would be running back to their homes, waiting for their wives or girlfriends to sleep so that they could get a load of this 45-year old busty slut.
As a phone sex operator in her mid forties, I had seen and experienced almost all kinds of men and kinks out there. The men that came to me were mostly those young one's whose sexual requests were denied off by their rather shy girlfriends such as doing it in the car or out in open public spaces, or had fantasies they couldn't fulfill like banging their friend's mature mother over her kitchen counter or fucking their milf lecturer/boss's huge ass over her desk.
Being a phonee sex operator for more than one and a half decade had got me a few regular customers, Steve was one of the reugulars, to be honest I quiet liked that man's fantasies, he called me every Saturday afternoon when his wife went out with a new request. I was just wondering what request he would have this time when the phone rang, I looked at the clock and knew it would have to be Steve instantly.
"Hello Steve baby! How are you this afternoon?" I said in a sultry sweet voice.
"I am fine Martha, how are you today honey?" Steve asks me in his signature confident voice.
"I am fine sweetie, your voice never fails to turn me on. Tell me, what do you want to do with me today Steve?" Of course, "besides the fact that this is cheap phone sex", that is always the silent part.
"I have always wanted to have sex in a public toilet Martha, but my wife would never agree to it"
"Ah that's so dirty steve, it turns me on so much. I would love to be fucked in a public bathroom stall. In fact just the thought of you dragging me inside a public restroom, then lifting me over the washbasin and kissing me all over, sliding down my evening gown, and grabbing my huge tits and fondling them makes me so wet Steve. My moans would keep the embarrassed patrons of the shop outside waiting for us to finish." I let out a sigh as I hear Steve's zipper opening on the end.
"Are you hard for me Steve?" I ask.
"Yes baby, I want to fuck you so hard right now." Steve replies with a low grunt in his voice.
"You then slide your hands down and lift my gown up and give my ass a slap, then move your fingers to my pussy, tracing them around the lips, feeling my wetness. "You are such a slut, aren't you Cathy?" You ask.
"I just let out a sigh as you pull down my panties, now soaking wet with my juices, and push a finger in, you move your finger inside and then pull it out and make me taste my juices. You push your fingers back in again and continue finger fucking me, turning me on even more."
"I move my eyes down and look at your bulge, it instantly gets me hungry, hungry for your cock. I go down on my knees and unbuckle your pants, As I pull down your boxers, your huge throbbing cock pops open on my face. I hold it in my hands, and admire it for a second, already wet with your precum, I lubricate it even more with my tongue and start giving you a blowjob. I gag on your huge cock, taking it all the way in and suck on it hard."
I hear Steve's breathing getting heavier, "Are you jacking yourself off Steve?" I ask.
"Ugh yes", Steve replies.
"I keep sucking you off until you cum, and I swallow every drop of your seed and clean you up. As you start going down on me, I stop you. "Oh please Steve, I beg you, I need you inside me, I am dying for your cock. Please fuck me like I am a whore."
I take out my favorite vibrator from the drawer besides me and touch my now soaked womanhood with it, "only if I had this man beside me right now, I would have fucked him so hard." I tell myself before continuing again."
"You ignore my cries and continue to move your skilled tongue around my pussy, slurping on my juices making me squirm harder. I let out a sharp moan as I cum all over your face and my thighs, making a mess everywhere. You get up and wipe my juices off your face and push me inside an empty stall and shut the door behind."
"I need you inside me NOW Steve, I moan, unable to control myself anymore."
"You put the sit down and after making yourself comfortable you make me sit on top of you, your manhood slides in me swiftly, thanks to your skills. You put your hands on my arse and spank it once again, before you start lifting me up and down your cock slowly first, I don't wait and start jumping up and down your cock, burying your face in my tits as I ride you like a cock-hungry slut, moaning loudly in pleasure. "
I hear Steve's breathing getting heavier and his grunts getting louder.
"I am going to cum Cathy." Steve says grunting.
"Me too baby"
"You hold me tightly and thrust harder as you finally cum and fill me up with your warm and sticky seed.I cum too as you shoot your load inside me squirting all over your legs and pants as."
I stop mid-sentence as I cum, moaning into the phone loudly. I hear Steve let out a loud grunt and then sigh too.
"See you again next week Steve?" I ask.
"Yes baby, next week, same time." Steve says before hanging up.

I look at the mess on the couch and on my thighs and smile, being a phone sex operator at 45 surely is fun.